Fotografie e fotocamera per viaggiare

Travelling – What it means

Fotografie e fotocamera per viaggiare

Travel, move to a new city, follow your dreams. An introduction to change

Your imagination knows no boundaries, neither do your desires, so neither should your reality …

Going on a trip will inspire you, surprise you, give you freedom, a break from your everyday routine, distance you from the pressures of life, fill you with new ideas and lead you to explore previously unknown paths.

Your senses and ideas will be brought to life … is this what travel is all about?

Travelling frees you from physical, mental, spiritual and social ties. You feel curious again – naive even, like you did as a child; it forces you out of your comfort zone and to face fears that once upon a time seemed huge and insurmountable.

You cannot imagine the enormous satisfaction you feel just waking up one day in a different place. A new climate, means of transport, completely different schedules, looking around and saying to yourself “Look where I am!”. When you ask the person standing next to you the way you need to take, you might even have just made a new friend.

You will be confronted by new cultures, you will discover aspects of your character you didn’t know existed, you will visit new places, you will drink a coffee with strangers who might suddenly become your new travelling companions.

Naturally, you are afraid of leaving everything familiar behind, you fear being alone, you fear facing the unknown, you fear having to deal with drastic changes, and the possibility of not finding comfort; leaving behind the tranquillity and security of home.

Even if your fears start to overwhelm you, don’t hesitate; don’t ask yourself whether it’s the right choice … you will ponder to infinity all you might be going up against… but you must take the dare, do not wait. The time is now! Go ahead; pack your bags and follow your new path. You will never regret it.

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Leave one life and start another. You will learn new things, just as when you were still a child and you learned to walk alone. But this time it’s you, this time you decide yourself, this time the strangers you meet will be your support and they will help you to understand things you have never seen before; you will feel strong, you will feel happy amongst people you never imagined you would find . You will discover a part of you that perhaps you didn’t know until now, you will discover yourself …

What will you carry in your suitcase? Material objects are not necessary. Bring simply your desires; fill your suitcase with dreams, new intentions and goals. This will enable you to find your way, to banish your illusions, to overcome all challenges, to experience immense joys; you and your basic survival instinct facing the world …

That new world you are about to discover is a big, beautiful and generous world; more supportive than your fears allow you to imagine, because the people and cultures that inhabit it are welcoming and fascinating. Know them and know yourself.

Whether your journey is born of necessity or just a dream … it is your journey and yours alone. Have fun and be happy.

Have a good trip…

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