L'importanza del Curriculum vitae per trovare lavoro

The importance of Curriculum Vitae

L'importanza del Curriculum vitae per trovare lavoro

A good Curriculum Vitae helps you find the job you are looking for more easily and quickly

You must know that a generic Curriculum Vitae is not enough if you want to get the right attention from English companies. If you do not have a specific CV for the United Kingdom – which I will now explain to you – you run the risk of it being directly trashed even before being read.

To make you understand what I just told you, let’s first make a premise: as soon as your Curriculum Vitae arrives at its destination, it will be subjected to a first selection by computers and by recruiters according to well-defined local logics. In practice it undergoes automatic filtering based on the graphic layout and content.

The type of layout, its positioning, its length, the use or omission of accessory elements etc. are subject to first evaluation. If these elements meet the autochthonous standards, it will be taken into consideration, otherwise it will be discarded immediately.

The second type of selection concerns the content (often also automatically filtered through keywords), which varies according to the sector and the task required.


Here is what you need to consider before writing a good CV

Before writing your CV it would be appropriate to ask yourself some questions:

  • How big is the importance given to a Curriculum Vitae in the country where I will live?
  • Which layout should I use?
  • Are there specific keywords to use and to change according to the field and the type of job?
  • How long will my document have to be?
  • Will I be able to express all my creativity or will I have to limit myself and try to be as concise as possible?
  • How many seconds of reading are devoted to reading my document and in which part of the page does the eye of the recruiter fall (recruiter / employer)?
  • Which sections to put on top of the page and how to effectively highlight the features that really distinguish me?
  • What difference is there between personal skills and technical skills and how can I use them to make my candidacy stand out compared to other candidates.

Coming from another country it may be instinctive for you to give importance to the European format (EuroPass), but know that in the United Kingdom it is not taken into consideration.


I’m sure you are now aware of how important is to write a good CV. It is the first investment towards your professional future.

Of course, these considerations are important in particular for you who have the goal of finding a specific and quality job.

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