Come vedere il calcio all'estero

How to watch TV abroad on mobile and PC

Come vedere il calcio all'estero

How to watch TV abroad on mobile phone and PC?

This is the first question we ask ourselves when we enter our first home in our new house abroad, we sit on the sofa in the room, we see the TV on a side of the room and suddenly we think: “how can I watch TV channels from abroad? How can I see my favorite series? how can I watch football games?”

Just because you are out of your country doesn’t mean you have to abandon your roots and only watch local TV. In fact, there is a solution that allows you to continue watching your favorite channels even if you are living in a country away from your home. I am not talking about those websites that you find on the net every now and then and which promise to give you exceptional video quality without succeeding. In fact, it is really difficult to find a free streaming website whose videos do not stop every a few seconds.

The solution I am talking about is a service that allows you to watch TV channels directly from the broadcaster’s website. So exceptional quality and service are maintained.

This is easily accessible through a VPN service provider which helps users bypass geographical restrictions.

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Here is how you can get your favourite TV channels abroad on PC, Mac, Android, Apple TV, Smart TV and iOS operating systems by using a VPN abroad.


How can I see my favorite channels if I live abroad?

The giants of world television encrypt the signal of their TV making it possible to view their channels only if you are within your national borders. So what we have to do is make the TV broadcasters believe that you are in your country.

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No sooner said than done. There is a small application you need to install on your mobile phone or computer that will allow you to be as if you were at home in your country. It is called VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Before accessing your favorite channel then, you must start the application and select your country. From this moment on, all data will be redirected to your country and will therefore result as if you were physically sitting in the armchair a home. In doing so, the various national TV sites will believe that you are in your country by granting you access to their channels. Using a VPN service also allows you to take advantage of a secure connection and anonymous when you surf the Internet.

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All you have to do is identify the VPN service you like best – our choice falls on three excellent services – ExpressVPN in the first place, the best VPN in the world and PureVPN a definitely cheaper choice – below – create an account (you will have a trial period during which you can evaluate the service) and choose your local IP.

VPN services:

In this article we have seen how it is possible to watch your TV channels abroad simply by using a VPN service. Remember that if you use a television at home, you may be asked to pay the English licence. Visit the official website for more information.

If you need some further information on VPNs and how to activate them, write a comment in the comments below.

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