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What is the CSCS card and how to apply?

The CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is a card attributed to construction workers to demonstrate that they have received adequate training and qualifications to work properly. It was introduced to improve standards and safety on construction sites. Finding work without this card is not impossible: it is not mandatory. However, most large companies do […]

VPN: The Complete Guide to Watching International TV Abroad

Have you ever found yourself abroad, longing to watch your favorite national TV shows? Navigating through geographical barriers might seem like an insurmountable challenge, but this is where VPNs come into play. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of VPNs and how to use them to enjoy national TV wherever you are. Discover […]

Transports in London: the London tube

La metropolitana di Londra La metro di Londra, meglio conosciuta dai suoi abitanti come “The Tube”, il tubo o ancora London Tube per la sua forma a sezioni circolari, è diventata nel corso dei secoli il simbolo della capitale inglese. La London Underground, inaugurata il 10 gennaio del 1863 con la tratta Paddington e Farringdon Street, […]

Transports in London: airports – how to get to airports

Aeroporti Londra. Una guida completa per destreggiarsi meglio Gli aeroporti di Londra sono nove, cinque principali e quattro secondari. Uniti insieme, questi aeroporti creano il servizio aereo più trafficato al mondo in termini di numero di passeggeri ed il secondo in termini di movimento aereo. In questo articolo, tratterò i cinque principali aeroporti di Londra, […]

Professional job titles and wages in England

When looking for a job on the internet, we almost always use a professional title as a keyword to find the most suitable positions for us. In this article we will discover together the different English professional job titles and the corresponding wages. What does a professional job title indicate? Professional job titles can have […]