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A long weekend in London: what to visit

London is more accessible than you might think. A weekend will never be enough to visit the British capital, vast and full of museums and monuments, but a long weekend in London will allow you to discover all the emblematic places without haste. If you plan to visit London for three days and you are […]

Knowing London

Discover and get to know London, a wonderful city with a thousand faces. London is not only the capital of the United Kingdom or the largest city in Europe or the third most populous city on the continent (8.5 million) after Moscow and Istanbul. London is second only to New York in the ranking of […]

A week in London: what to visit

London is a vast city, full of life and with a myriad of neighborhoods and monuments to discover. A week in London will certainly allow you to visit all the most emblematic places in the city and its surroundings. Before going to the British capital, we recommend that you buy the London Pass, a card […]

Employment contract in UK

Many people from all around the world every year decide to leave their homeland and move to England to create a better future. Often, however, many of us travel without really knowing what to expect from the new English work experience. In this article you will find a list of the conditions an English employment […]

How to import a car into the UK?

If you visit or move to England and want to import and continue driving your vehicle, the are some rules to respect. Let’s find out in this article how to bring a vehicle to the UK  and what to do if you move permanently. If you are a tourist If you visit England temporarily, bringing […]