About us

We are a team of young people who have been living in London for more than 7 years and we dedicate our time to help people who, like you, are in need to get some tips in order to upgrade their life or even just to live better in the UK.


  • We provide help in getting the NIN, the National Insurance Number, a special number which is necessary if you want to work legally in the UK.
  • We will help you to get an English telephone number, very important if you are actually looking for a job.
  • We can help you to open an English bank account rapidly.
  • We can provide you all the information about how to find your home in the English jungle.
  • We provide you with a tool which allows you to transfer your funds directly to your English bank account. We’ll explain how to do it step by step.
  • We build your Curriculum Vitae According to the UK standards so you can get the justice you deserve while applying for the job of your dreams.
  • We guide you through the approach of your first GP (General Practitioner, or most commonly called, the family doctor).
  • We provide useful information on how to move easily around London City.

Our project was born in 2018 and it has been originally conceived as a Facebook group-based community. Later on, becoming a more successful helping & sharing forum, we decided to bring it forward and build a website which we enrich with more and more information regarding the life in UK, more specifically, in London.


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Through the e-mail address: info@liveinlondon.uk

If you wish, you can use our links to order your giffgaff sim card, to open your Monese bank account or for any other service/product you see on our website that you might need.

There is no extra cost in using our links, but by using our services on Live in London, remember that you support us.