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Welcome to London!

We have been where you are now

In a foreign country, overwhelmed, not knowing anybody and facing British authorities and bureaucracy.

The New Country

We help you make your English experience more positive and enjoyable.

The Right Accommodation

Choose your accommodation according to your journeys and your budget.

Learning English

Improve your English and raise the level of your personal and professional experiences.

Around The City

Knowing how to get around, especially in London, allows you to save time and money.

What Can We Do For You?

We are here to help with the following Services

National Insurance

We contact the Jobcentre and apply for the National Insurance Number.

The Tax Refund

Have you paid more taxes than you should? We verify and recover taxes you overpaid.

Universal Credit

Get financial help from the government by applying for state benefits.

Your English SIM

Get the best free English Sim card delivered to your home, wherever in Europe.

Find Accomodation

We have over 5000 accommodations in London and the UK for you to choose from.

English Curriculum

The Curriculum Vitae written in British layout is essential to enhance your application.

Transfer Money

A valuable tool to send money from your account to an English account with low fees.

Our Experience at Your Service

The moment we decide to make significant changes in our life, we always perceive the road ahead as more complicated than it might be in reality. It is normal to be scared by strange places and customs until we take our first steps and discover that the road is not as frightening as it first seemed.

So, are you:

  • Planning to move to the UK?
  • Trying to find a job in the UK?
  • Coming to London to learn English?
  • Wanting to obtain the British residency?
  • Already in the UK and need further assistance?

The purpose of our website is to facilitate your integration in UK society. We want to guide you step-by-step into your new journey and help you with what to do and how to do it. It will save you time, money and efforts so you can focus on your real goals.

We will help you get the NIN (National Insurance Number), which is necessary to work legally in the country. We show you how to open a bank account, receive your first English sim card and purchase your first Oyster Card to move around the city of London.

We will also support you in registering with a medical Doctor (GP –  General Practitioner), to find a suitable job, accommodation and much more.

Our Practical Guide in 9 Steps

Let us guide you step by step – from departure in your country to your arrival in the UK.


  • Step 1: Accommodation


    Search for accommodation from anywhere in the world so you have somewhere to stay when you arrive in the UK.

  • Step 2: The Job


    We create a CV for you according to the UK recruitment standards, so you can start applying for a job straight away.

    Step 2: The Job

  • Step 3: The Phone


    Order your free SIM card and have it delivered to your home country. Your English phone number will be necessary when you start applying for jobs as a point of contact.

  • Step 4: The Bank


    You can open a UK bank account for free straight from your home country and have your new debit/credit card delivered to your address.

    Step 4: The Bank

  • Step:5 Money


    Move your current funds to your new UK bank account prior your departure. Arriving to the country already with a UK bank account is going to be absolutely useful for you.


  • Step: 6 My Home


    The search for a permanent home in an area you want to live in the UK.

  • Documents

    Step 7: THE NIN

    Once you have arrived in the UK, you need to get your NIN (National Insurance Number). The NIN application service is provided by us.


  • Step 8: Residency


    We help you to apply for Settled Status which is mandatory if you are planning to live and stay in the UK beyond the 30th June 2021.

  • Step 9: The Doctor


    To have access to medical care, we will help you to get registered to the National Health Service (NHS).

    Step 9: The Doctor

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