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Welcome to London!

Let yourself be guided by those who have already lived the experience of moving to the UK!

The New Country

We help you make your English experience more positive and enjoyable.

The Right Accommodation

Choose your accommodation according to your journeys and your budget.

Learning English

Improve your English and raise the level of your personal and professional experiences.

Around The City

Knowing how to get around, especially in London, allows you to save time and money.

What Can We Do For You?

A package of services to make your life easier across the UK

National Insurance

We contact the jobcentre and book an appointment to request the NIN.

The Tax Refund

Have you paid more taxes than you should? We verify and recover taxes you overpaid.

The Settled Status

Apply for Settled Status, the new mandatory British residence permit.

Universal Credit

Get financial help from the government by applying for state benefits.

Your English SIM

Request and receive the best English SIM free of charge directly to your home in all Europe.

Find Accomodation

An archive of over 5,000 accommodations in central London and the UK at your disposal.

English Curriculum

The Curriculum Vitae written in British layout is essential to enhance your application.

Transfer Money

A valuable tool to send money from your account to an English account with low fees.

Our Experience at Your Service

The moment we decide to go on an adventure, whether it is about moving out of the country or changing our career path, we always perceive the road ahead to be more difficult than it will actually be in reality. It is normal though, to be scared by anything that’s new in life, till we start to take our first steps on the unknown ground and get to actually know it better.

  • Are you planning to move to the UK?
  • Are you planning to find a job in the UK?
  • Are you coming to London to learn English?
  • Do you want to obtain the British residency?

Our purpose is to facilitate your integration within the country, while guiding you with a basic but necessary step-by-step method on what to do and how to do it. So you can save your time, money and opportunities and start focusing on your real goals.

We will support you in all the steps you will have to take in a fast and efficient way, guiding you also in your job hunting process.

We will help you in getting the NIN (National Insurance Number, necessary to work legally in the country), opening a bank account, getting your first English sim card, purchasing your first Oyster Card that you will need to move around the city of London. We will also support you in registering with your first General Practitioner and have your family doctor, to find the job you like and so much more than that.

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Our Practical Guide in 10 Steps

 Let us guide you Step by Step from before departure and after your arrival.


  • The Home


    You can search for temporary accommodation right from where you are so you have somewhere to stay once you arrive in the country.

  • The Job


    Build your current CV with us according to the UK recruitment standards prior your departure, so you can have it ready once you start applying for any job position.

    The Job

  • The Phone


    Order your free SIM card and have it delivered to your home country. Your English phone number will be necessary when you start applying for jobs as a point of contact.

  • The Bank


    You can open a UK bank account for free straight from your home country and have your new debit/credit card delivered to your address.

    The Bank

  • Il Denaro


    Move your current funds to your new UK bank account prior your departure. Arriving to the country already with a UK bank account is going to be absolutely useful for you.


  • My Home


    The search for a new home with a longer term vision: this will be your new step once you arrive in the UK.

  • Documents


    Get your NIN (National Insurance Number) the first thing to do once arrived in the UK. The NIN appointment booking service is provided by us!


  • Residency


    Apply for Settled Status (mandatory if you are planning to live in the UK) and show your interests to stay in the UK after the 30th June 2021.

  • The Doctor


    Registrati al servizio sanitario inglese in modo da poter usufruire del medico di base. We will help you register to your trusted doctor.

    The Doctor

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